from Shoebox to Icebox

Store and manage your personal facts and information - IN CASE of EMERGENCY

This is the best thing you could do for your family

Take care of your family in times of crisis. There will be many incidents in our life that make us reach for important documents and information. Make sure your affairs and directives are in order. Providing a place for your family to go to at a difficult time will be a lasting legacy that they will thank you for. MyIcebox will provide you with that legacy. Your family will not be left scrambling to find and organise bank accounts, estate issues, insurance policies and other investments.

Struggling to stay on top of things

Everyone has a very busy life juggling home, work and social life so having a place to keep all your important documents and information gives you piece of mind that everything you and your family will need is available at your fingertips.

What.s keeping you up a Night

Are you sick of the posted notes on the fridge or desk, trying to mentally keep track of passwords, remember where documents are filed, when is the next insurance renewal, and multiple other things. Then myIcebox is for your own shoe box online, secure and protected through the latest technologies.